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Forest School – WEDNESDAY 6TH APRIL 2022

We were all so excited to start the first forest school session. The children got into their old clothes and put on their wellies ready to go outside. It was a very windy afternoon and the sky looked very dark – please don’t rain too hard I thought to myself (I can deal with the cold but just don’t like being wet). It was almost like God was smiling down on us – the sky cleared and the wind dropped!

After a quick warm up game of “tig” – I just couldn’t catch Harry no matter how fast I ran – the children gathered in our “sticky feet” circle. We walked sensibly into the wooded area and chatted about what the children thought our rules should be outside. We decided that the rules were different to our normal classroom rules. In Forest School it is perfectly ok to run around and scream and shout – if we want to! We decided the main rules are:

  • Respect the nature
  • Respect each other
  • Have fun
  • Be safe

The children walked around the area noticing fungi on the tree trunk – luckily it didn’t attack us as we walked past – a beautiful purple flower and the daisies growing on the field.

After deciding where we wanted to plant our new trees, the children got busy digging a slit for the trees to be put in. Unfortunately I forgot to take out the supporting canes and tree protectors so I said a silent prayer for them to survive the night unprotected.

After the tree planting the children could choose what they wanted to do. Some chose to look for minibeasts and collect them in the magnifying pots. Others wanted a spade to dig over an overgrown area – the treasure they found; slabs, creatures and old plants. Other children had fun rolling the tyres onto the field and invented a game as a group.

At the end of the session we gathered again to reflect and share our ideas and thoughts about forest School. They all enjoyed it (phew). Romie started off a Forest school prayer and the children decided their FS name in “Acorns” – when I shout this they all come running so that’s good.

The children came back into school absolutely buzzing – as were myself and Mrs Willington. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

(Please trees survive the night)

J Perks

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