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Forest School Blog 6 – THURSDAY 5TH MAY

Today was the last session of my introduction to Forest School programme. The weather looked very promising – warm and dry (A bit of a contrast from yesterday).

Today the children were joined by a child from Year 2. They were all keen to look after her and show her how we do things in the Forest.

We started with a game of “tig” – guess who got “caught” the most!?! Yes me. Joseph and Ella are obsessed with chasing and catching me it seems! The children were still not out of breath – unlike me – so we did some “there and back” running to the fence, this soon wore some of them out!

Today’s activities were a repeat of yesterday – bird feeders, playing with the tyres and planks, playing with the stumps, digging, bug collecting, maintenance of the bug hotel, trees and litter picking. The children could choose exactly what to do, who to do it with and anything else they wished to do.

Some children enjoyed moving the stumps around – the rolling technique worked well. Others used them as stepping stones to get from one side of the forest to the other. I could see lots of team work, cooperation and kindness from the children – perfect forest school skills!

The children and staff involved have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions so far. Let’s hope they can continue in September and that more children can become involved too.

Mrs J Perks

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