Forest School Blog 5 – WEDNESDAY 4TH MAY

Well… the weather forecast for today was the worst – heavy rain showers with the possibility of thunder – the absolute worst possible weather for a forest School session! Luckily, we managed to dodge the heaviest of showers (which happened about 20 minutes before we ventured outside) and managed the whole session in the outdoors.

We started today by having an extra 10 minutes perfecting the shelters we made for Harriet the hedgehog last week. We had a lady called Vicky with us today, so she kindly offered to judge them for us. The winning team was Ella, Aiva and Harlow with Keira joining this week. Well done girls!

The children all had a go at “throwing” our wild flower “bombs” around the site. Just a quick water in       (thank you rain) and they should be set to grow – we look forward to seeing how well they germinate over the coming weeks and months!

The children then had free choice time – some decided to make a pine cone bird feeder. (video) They used a tight knot to attach the string, before painting with the finest blackberry jam (Ok – so it was a jam Mrs Perks had tried to make some time ago which had been rejected by her whole family!) We then scattered the bird seed over the top. It was a bit like using glitter on glue – the seed only stuck to where the jam was. The children then decided where to hang their feeder. Suraj desperately wanted to take his home.

Some children devised a slanted Ninja Warrior course with the tyres and planks (video), others continued to dig over the old flower bed area (video) and some children moved the new stumps around. They attempted some bark rubbing but it didn’t quite work with soggy paper! Oh well – try again tomorrow girls!

What a great time in the rain – sorry about the muddy clothes!

Mrs J Perks

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