Early Years Special Educational Needs and Inclusion

Early Years SEN Team Leads -

Mrs H McLeish & Mrs M Payne


Here at St John’s we value all pupils and celebrate the diversity of experience, interest and achievement. Our children need to experience praise, recognition and success, and pupils with SEND have equal entitlement to this.

We are committed to identifying potential barriers in a child’s development as early as possible in order to respond appropriately.

We listen and understand when parents and carers express concerns about their child’s development as well as listen to the choice of the child. Our staff are alert to identifying emerging difficulties and communicate any concerns professionally and sensitively with parents and carers.

We support parents and carers and guide the process of collecting initial response evidence as well as creating individual plans for children, with small, measurable targets which are monitored and reviewed termly. We ensure parents and carers are involved every step of the way.

When appropriate we draw on support from outside agencies, including Speech and language therapists, Community Paediatrics, the School Nursing Team and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). In some cases, children’s needs require more specialised support in which Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP) may be requested through the Local Authority using evidence gathered from parents, carers, children, school and other agencies.

For more information around SEND provision at St John’s please contact our SENCO – Mrs M Payne email: @mpayne@st-johns.walsall.sch.uk


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