Topic Overviews

Topic Work

Our topic work throughout the year will be based upon the Cornerstones Curriculum which comprises of the following four elements.

Engage – In this part of the curriculum children will engage in purposeful and contextualised learning experiences; in and outside the classroom. This may include visits out of school and visitors into school. 

Develop – In the following weeks children develop knowledge, understanding and subject skills required to progress their learning through focussed learning tasks and experiences. Here we will record our work in a variety of ways through art work, written work, dance, music or construction.

Innovate – Children are given the opportunity to innovate by applying their knowledge and skills and understanding through a challenging provocation using their own and negotiated ideas. The innovate aspect of each topic is included in the topic title box on the previous page.

Express – Children express and evaluate their knowledge, understanding and skills, as outcomes of the learning in different memorable forms including using a variety of media and technology. Examples of activities we may do here are fund raising events, write stories, create photo albums or create a dance or presentation for an audience.

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Year 5/6 Topic News

As the summer holidays draw to an end, we are beginning to think about the new school year and the exciting things we have coming up!


We will be starting the year off with a brand-new topic entitled ‘Maafa’. We will be learning about Africa today and the ancient kingdoms that thrived on the continent for thousands of years. We will study the origins of the transatlantic slave trade in the 15th century and Britain’s involvement with it.

Alongside this, in English, we will be immersing the children in the magical book of Harry Potter.

We would love the children to start thinking about the Maafa or Harry Potter topics over the holiday; any research or work can be brought in so that we can share and display it in school.

Trips and events

During the Autumn term, we will be taking part in two exciting workshops and two trips!

For the Maafa topic, the children will be taking part in a drama-based session around the theme of Benin and a dance workshop too!

For the first time ever, we will be visiting the spectacular Harry Potter Studios as part of our English topic. This visit will offer the children a fantastic opportunity to experience first-hand the making and props used to create the award-winning films. We are sure the children will be very excited for this visit- the teachers certainly are!

Finally, just before Christmas, the children will be taking a trip to the Lichfield Garrick to watch Peter Pan. This will be a lovely visit and an opportunity for the children to finally see some live theatre again!

We will be in touch, in September, regarding details and prices of the trip and both workshops.

Return in September

When the children return in September, the school day will return to pre-covid finish times. The children will leave at 3.10pm and will exit through the hall doors, next to Nursery and walk out through the car park. To ensure the safety of the children, barriers will be placed over the car park entry point.

On P.E days, the children will be able to attend school in their full P.E kit for the day, as they have done this school year.

Year 5 will have P.E on Tuesday

Miss Painter’s class will also have P.E on Thursday

Until October half term, Mr Judd’s class will be swimming on Friday afternoon. More details will follow in September.

Year 6 will all have P.E on Tuesdays and Thursdays

As we have this school year, we will provide the children with all of the equipment that they need, so please do not send your child in with their own stationery. We do not anticipate using the cloakroom again this year, so could you please ensure that the backpacks that the children bring are not too big, as they will have to remain under their table. 

We are all really looking forward to the new year as we have so many exciting things planned!

We thank you for your continued support and wish you all a wonderful Summer.

Year 5/6 Team