Year 6 - Courageous Advocacy

Courageous Advocacy - Year 6

After brainstorming and discussing ideas for projects we could be involved in to help and support our local community, Year 6 children were very passionate about focusing on the homeless. 

So far we have:

  • Considered ways we could raise awareness of the issue
  • Researched the Glebe Centre in Walsall to find out more about the services they offer
  • Created our own questions that we are interested in finding out more about
  • Approached the Glebe Centre to see if a member of their staff could come into school to talk about what they do, the people they work with and answer some of our questions.

We are now using this information to write further letters to the Glebe Centre to both thank them for all they do and to ask questions to find out further information.  We are looking forward to hopefully receiving a visit and, from this, will be able to consider what we can do to support and help. 

Year 6 CA




This letter, written by Euan , has been emailed to the Glebe Centre and we are hopeful that we will receive a reply soon…watch this space!

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