Our Spirituality

Our school vision: A family of equal, diverse and unique people,made in the image of God, together aspiring to fulfil our God given potential by nourishing ‘The Fruit of the Spirit’ in our lives’ is based on the theological roots from Galatians 5:22-23. At St. John’s we are a family, supporting each other in our emotional and spiritual growth, allowing every individual to reach their God given potential.

“Spirituality is the act of being fully human by discovering and revealing ourselves through love.” (Andrew Ricketts)

Regardless of beliefs, spirituality helps us develop a deeper understanding of who we are, how we can grow internally and our place in the wider world. It allows us to understand others and develop a sense of empathy. Developing Spiritually allows individuals to appreciate the wider world and beyond, the presence of God.

Spirituality at St John’s is an integral part of learning opportunities and experiences throughout our bespoke curriculum and acts of worship, providing opportunities for children to ask, consider and offer their thoughts to big questions.

The four elements to Spirituality are:

Self – Awareness of one’s own feelings, uniqueness, development
Other – Developing empathy, understanding, respect and tolerance – love your neighbour

Beauty – Developing a sense of awe and wonder, taking time for what matters, appreciating the beauty of our natural world
Other – Transcendence (Beyond Human Physical Experiences), Asking big questions and connecting with God.


The Nexus video shares an insight to Children’s spirituality: