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Collective worship is central to our school life. At St. John’s we come together as family and collectively pray, reflect, sing and celebrate.

At St John’s we appreciate the diversity of our school family. Some children and their families have other faiths and some have no faith at all. Our daily acts of worship provide both children and adults an opportunity to reflect and grow spiritually, regardless of faith. We respect and value each other’s differences.

Once a week, we celebrate children’s achievements with a child of the week and celebrate awards achieved outside of school. Every half term, we hold a special values worship. One child from each class is chosen for displaying the school values and receive their own St John’s values badge.

Once a term, the worship team lead a family service which is open to the whole school community.

Our Values

Harvest Songs

Worship Team

Our Worship Team is an integral part of the life of the school and help to support our school values based on the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’. The children have an opportunity to feed into and deliver worship and give feedback to staff. They also help with charity work and are courageous advocates for our school.

Worship Timetable

Use this form to send prayer requests or write or upload your own. These will be used in whole school or class Collective Worship.

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Our School Prayer

Father, we thank you for the night
and for the precious morning light.
For rest and food and loving care
and all that makes the day so fair.
Help us to do the things she should,
to be to others kind and good.
In all we do at work or play,
to grow more loving every day.


Daily Prayers

Prayers are shared to say grace before lunch, during collective worship and at the end of the school day. Children are invited to end worship by saying their own prayer and parents/carers are able to contribute to worship by using the online interactive prayer.

Lunchtime Prayer-EY's/KS1

Thank you for the food we eatThank you for the world so sweetThank you for the birds that singThank you God for everythingAmen



Lunchtime Prayer-KS2

Thank you for the food we munch
and for giving us our lunch.
Thank you for our refreshing drinks
that help us all to clearly think.


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