St John's Communication and Payment System - ParentMail

ParentMail is the main formal communication programme that St John’s use to communicate with our parents. This helps to cut down on paper costs and helps us to be a greener school.

Why is it important that you register on ParentMail?

There are lots of benefits to registering with ParentMail:

  • Access ParentMail with your own login and have access to your own personal feed – away from a busy, email inbox.
  • Have all your school communications delivered to one place, so you can find them quickly and easily.
  • Update your own contact information within your account without having to go to the school office to update your details.
  • Download the free ParentMail App, which means you can pick up all your important school messages on the go.
  • We use ‘Payments’ and Online Absence Reporting in addition to emails and SMS messages. You will be able to see all of these applications from within one place.

How do I register on ParentMail?

We will send you a registration invitation either by email or text (usually by email). Once you have received this, you simply follow the steps to set up your account. We have recently improved the registration process to make it as simple as possible for parents. If you get stuck, please follow our guides below:

Help with registration

Download the App...

Click below to find out the benefits of downloading the ParentMail app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

Click here to login to your ParentMail account.