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What is A*STARS

The A*STARS programme is a series of walking, cycling, scooting and road safety initiatives, along with training, expertise and support that is given to schools to help them to develop and promote safer, healthier lifestyle choices for all.

The programme promotes health and wellbeing by combining and providing road safety, health and sustainable travel education, training and awareness. It targets all educational establishments and school communities; supporting children’s development at every stage from birth to adulthood.

For more information please visit: https://www.astarswalsall.co.uk/


At St. John’s School we actively encourage sustainable travel and road safety on journeys to and from school.

We will deliver initiatives organised by A Stars and school staff to support staff, pupils, parents and governors to promote healthy lifestyles, safety in using roads, safer cycling and scooting and car safety.

All children will be encouraged to walk or scoot/cycle to school and awareness of safety will be raised throughout the school year by delivery of specific travel and safety programmes of study.

The pupils will have a greater understanding of road safety measures and how to keep safe on the roads and paths. Safe, distant parking areas will be designated and promoted to parents through the initiatives which will reduce the amount of vehicles travelling to and from school and parking in the nearby surrounding area.


Sheriffs will be selected to represent the school with A Stars campaigns who will receive training and meet regularly with the coordinator to organise events, assemblies, competitions, and notice boards to promote walking to school and road safety. 

All year groups will be allocated age-appropriate initiatives to raise awareness of using roads and paths safely which will encourage pupils to walk to school or use bikes and scooters. These initiatives include Reception road safety walk, safety in the car and road safety role play for Early Years. Scooterbility and quizzes for Key Stage 1 and Bikeability, speed awareness, pedestrian training and quizzes for Key Stage 2.  Walk to school, be bright, be seen and active travel surveys will include all pupils in school.

Information will be shared with parents via class Dojo and Parent Mail, a 5-minute walk zone will be offered to parents to encourage safe, distant parking and ease congestion around the school.

Staff will promote healthier lifestyles and safer travel at every opportunity, walk or cycle to school where possible and park safely.  Children will be encouraged to use footpaths at all times and traffic flow will be monitored regularly.  Advice will be given to parents who park inconsiderately.

A secure, locked cycle shelter for pupils and staff to store cycles, scooters and helmets is available for use daily.


We expect to see an increased number of pupils using the cycle shelter each day and a greater number of pupils walking to school which would ease congestion and make a healthier environment in the immediate school vicinity.

Travel surveys will be conducted each half term and weekly cycle counts of bikes and scooters stored in the cycle shelter which will inform us of the impact A Stars campaigns are having upon pupils, staff and parents. 

A Stars Initiatives 2023-2024

Whole School

  • Walk to school
  • Travel survey
  • Safety in the car – car seats
  • Smarter Parking
  • 5 minute walk
  • Be Bright Be Seen

Early Years

  • Bikeability learn to ride – Reception
  • Safety in the car – seatbelts – nursery and Reception
  • Reception road safety walk

Key Stage 1

  • Scooterbility Y1/Y2
  • Cycling in the curriculum Y1/Y2
  • Scootathlon Y1/Y2
  • KS1 quiz

Key Stage 2

  • Pedestrian training Y3
  • Cycle maintenance Y4
  • Egg Heads Y5
  • On the Move transition to secondary school Y6
  • Bikeability Y6
  • Bikeability on Show Y6
  • KS2 quiz

We encourage the children to travel to school safely on a bike or scooter and they are encouraged to store bikes, scooters and helmets in our secure cycle shelter.

Silver Award Achieved!

Last year we achieved a silver award and came 7th in the league table.

A*Stars at work